Yaya Gifts started with a dream. I decided to be a  stay-home mother after my first child was born in 2000. In 2003, I had my second child, who was born with developmental delay and later diagnosed with Autism. My dreams were shuttered for a while.


As I stayed home, I started to scrapbook (my passion), and developed other skills in crafting.  Yaya Gifts started taking shape at the beginning of 2016 after changing the line of business and re-inventing Barbara's Crafty Corner (2008-2016) into something more than scrapbooking.   

In 2017, this dream comes true and started giving classes at home and servicing as volunteer to women and girls that went through domestic violence, abuse, and illness survivors.


Now I'm opening this site to share with everyone products to use or to give away to a dear friend, co-workers, relatives, or anyone your heart desires.


Yaya Gifts is named after my daughter Illary who we call Yaya. She is a very important part of this project because now she helps making greeting cards, chooses the colors and some of the designs of the jewelry, helps painting the bases of the jewelry boxes, clocks, and more!

I couldn't have done this without the help and support of my dearest husband, my children (J.C., and Illary),  and the encouragement of my parents, siblings, and family back in Peru.


Also, I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you very much!


Barbara & Illary (Yaya) Rosner


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