Crystal grids are formations made with quartz crystals, rocks, and/or stones. The energy that comes from the grid will depend on the color and type of stone and the arrangement or placement of them. This energy will aid with the fulfillment of an intention. An Intention can be a wish for health, wealth, prosperity, good luck, spiritual development, social life, growth, etc.

Experts agree that the energy of the crystals work better when they are used with geometric grids such as sacred geometry, circles, spirals, triangles, hexagons, stars, crosses, mandalas, etc.

Things to keep in mind when using a crystal grid:

* Think about your Intention or wish

* Choose a geometric pattern

* Find a place where your grid won’t be disturbed by anyone. 
* Be sure that your crystals or stones have been cleansed

*Optional: you can use essential oils or any perfume to magnify your senses

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