Protect the environment and energize

The Orgone has become very popular as a spiritual healing tool and as a protector against electromagnetic pollution, such as Wi-Fi, mobile phones, microwaves, TVs, computers, tablets,  and etc. 


An orgonite:

  • Protects against electromagnetic pollution

  • Produces clean “Life Energy”

  • Helps living things to exist in a healthy state

  • Transforms negative energy into positive


  • Place the orgone near your bed or pillow for restful nights.

  • Carry it like a pendant or in your pocket all the time to protect yourself from electromagnetic pollution.

  • When in your car, place it near your stereo or below the seats.

  • For meditation, place it on your 3rd eye.

  • In your house, place them on top of the Wi-Fi router, microwave oven,  where you charge your phone, next to your computer/laptop, near your tablets, etc.

Besides orgonites, Yaya Gifts has a selection of tools to help you with your energy, health, love, and wealth.

This video explains how the Electromagnetic Pollution works

Keychain Orgonites

Ipad/Tablet orgonites

Iphone/Android Phones I

Iphone/Android Phones II

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