Abundance, as well as prosperity,  is more than financial well-being, it is enjoying what is given to us. This grid will help you in prospering financially, spiritually, and socially. We prepared this crystal grid with a formation of quartz, crystals, and rocks to aid you with energy. 


You can use the base with other stones and crystals formations to focus in other intentions.


This grid contains:


1 Gold handpainted base with the Flower of Life pattern handpainted in black.

   Size: 6.75" diameter x 0.75" tall

1 Crystal Wand

Focus Stone: Citrine x1 is known for its prosperity properties, but it also brings wisdom. I like to carry citrine with me when shopping to allow for discernment.

First Ring: Green Aventurine x 6 will help to bring luck and opportunity.

Second Ring: Green Fluorite x 6 (enhancer, grounding, absorbs negative energy).  Amethyst x 6 (Aids against overspend, unwise investments, improves balance, new opportunities). Quartz Crystals x 6 are used to further amplify the grid.


For more information of how to use the grid, click HERE


Abundance & Prosperity - Flower of Life

  • To clean, gently wipe with a dry or semi-humid soft cloth. 

  •    If you have any questions regarrding our Returns Policy please click HERE or visit our FAQ page. Thank you

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