When it refers to health and healing, keep in mind that crystal grids help towards healing but it should not be used as a substitute for any prescribed medication or the advice of a licenced medical practitioner. On the other hand, use crystal grids along with any other treatments you may be having. We prepared this crystal grid with a formation of quartz, crystals, and rocks to aid you with energy. 


You can use the base with other stones and crystals formations to focus in other intentions.


This grid contains:


1 Green handpainted base with the Metatron pattern handpainted in black.

Size: 4.85" diameter x 0.75" tall

1 Crystal Wand

Focus Stone: Quartz Crystal Ball x 1 (harmony, energy, clarity, calmness, healing)

First Ring: Rose Quartz x 6 (calmness, happiness, detox, love, peace, pleasure, confidence, trusting)

Second Ring: Turquoise x 6 (wisdom, serenity, luck, spiritual grounding, intuition). Aragonite x 6 (stress calmness, meditation, problem solving, patience, peacefulness)


For more information of how to use the grid, click HERE


Health & Healing - Metatron

  • To clean, gently wipe with a dry or semi-humid soft cloth.

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