When you feel that your mind is filled with a lot of thoughts that you can't even make clear decisions or see though the light,  if you have a stressful situation you can't seem to resolve, or  if there is something you don't want to think about anymore, this grid is the one you want to give you the mental focus and clarity you seek.  We prepared this crystal grid with a formation of quartz, crystals, and rocks to aid you with energy. 


You can use the base with other stones and crystals formations to focus in other intentions.


This grid contains:


1 Green handpainted base with the Metatron pattern handpainted in black.

Size: 6.75" diameter x 0.75" tall

1 Crystal Wand

Focus Stone: Quartz is known for its prosperity properties, but it also brings wisdom. I like to carry citrine with me when shopping to allow for discernment.

First Ring: Rose Quartz x 4 (Dissolves sorrows & fears, heals, purifies the heart at all levels, love). Lapis Lazuli x 2 (activates higher mind, knowledge, truth, understanding, learning, enhances memory)

Second Ring: Carnelian x 2 (balances body energy levels, prosperity, determination).  Fluorite x 2 (clears mental fog, increases concentration, improves memory) Quartz Crystals x 6 are used to further amplify the grid. Hematite x 2 (balance, organization, decision making)


For more information of how to use the grid, click HERE


Mental Focus & Clarity- Metatron

  • To clean, gently wipe with a dry or semi-humid soft cloth. 

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